UK Social Gaming Reports Increase To Total Yields

The statistics reflect the period from March to October, which includes both online and individual gaming with the details found on Britain’s high streets by Licensed Betting Operators (LBOs).

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The most recent research shows:

The online market expanded by 29% of gross gambling yield (GGY), with a month-on-month rise of 7% of active accounts. This was primarily powered by actual case betting, which saw the GGY rise of 53%.  Although both the number and the number of active players (up by 12%) grew, the main driving force behind the rise seems to be a growing operator margin. The number of active players increased by 7%.

The number of online slots in October from September grew by 12% (to 2.2m), but this growth was the same as the increase in the total sessions of October. At 21 minutes, the typical session is continuous, with nearly 8 percent of all sessions for an hour.

Impacts of COVID-19 on Casino in Great Britain |

Operators authorised in betting have witnessed a monthly rise of certain sizes, which may be affected by the same sports outcomes by raises of 1 percent in bet/spins and 9 percent of GGY (up to £204m).

Gambling habits have changed with the world reacting to various regulations and in light of new national lockdowns in recent weeks we will stay alert. We have recently written to operators to remind them of the advice we first gave online operators in May, namely that better checks on affordability are required, that reverse withdrawals are prevented and that incentive offering constraints are needed. This was improved by the reopening of land-based premises in June.

  • Covid-19 associated vulnerability is being tracked by the Commission further:
  • Evaluation of the effect on operators of the enhanced guidance
  • Processing and dissemination of the obtained data
  • Starting to support the sector as land-based premises
  • Where research suggests additional risks to customers, more consumer safety steps are taken.

GGY levels can be unpredictable because of the effects of sports event outcomes. Also, in October (vs September) we would have expect an improvement of real-event betting figures by 5 Saturdays in October (the day with the highest number of real event Sports betting activity).

The Digital Services Act represents a significant step in countering illicit online gaming, which poses a real danger to the welfare of all players in papadewa casino. In comparison, illicit gaming violates customer safety and money laundering responsibilities of regulated providers.

Illegal providers pay no due fees, but they do not contribute to a potential public benefit in the country in which customers are based. They also cause unequal competition with legal players, disrupting their regulatory business models and major economic and social effects on EU Member States. Finally, as opposed to legal operators working on helping vulnerable players, they do not give any sort of assistance to problem gamblers situs judi qq.

On the ECA

Europe’s registered land-based casinos, which have over 29 members and 70,000 Direct workers, have local economies across Europe, are represented by the European Casino Association (ECA). It comprises representatives from both all EU and non-EU Member States.

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